Arduino Make custom bell for your office/room

Arduino Make custom bell for your office/room

This Project will demonstrate the use of Push Button & Buzzer to make your custom bell for room/office.

Hardware Required:

1x Arduino Uno

1x Buzzer

1x Push Button

1x 10K Resistor

1x Bread Board & Some Jumpire Cables M-M

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Arduino Pin Layout:


* OR97 Arduino Maker Basic Kit
* Project#7 Room/Office Bell.
* Made By: OR97 Team
* Kit Link=

const int buzzer = 3; //buzzer to arduino pin 3
const int pushBtn=2;

void setup(){
pinMode(buzzer, OUTPUT); // Set buzzer – pin 3 as an output


void loop(){

int btnValue=digitalRead(pushBtn); // Read the Button State Pressed or not
tone(buzzer, 3000); // Send 3KHz sound signal…
noTone(buzzer); // Stop sound…
delay(1000); // …for 1sec